Sunday, February 22, 2009

SISTERHOOD of QUILTERS Fabric Has Arrived!

In the picture above, are the accessory fabrics folded in flag shape fat quarters. The full artwork panel, with 20 pieces of mini-panels can be viewed on the main Sisterhood website. In mid January the fabric collection was sent to quilt shops. It was a very exciting day because the process of artwork to fabric is a complex but rewarding journey. I have decided to call it a "birthing"!

Now that we can actually get our hands on the yardage; projects, patterns, and kits, are really popping!

The Sisterhood of Quilters Clubs are being birthed across the nation and our neighbors to the north - Canada. I will report soon on a Club in Michigan that I believe will be a great model for quilt shops that want to start with own Sisterhood Clubs. Remember this is a self-appointed club, free certificates and membership cards are available upon request and free download. It's fun and inspiring lots of Sisterhood ideas.

Please check out the website: to see the new projects and download your freebies - a Sisterhood Gratitude Quilt or our famous Quilted Heart Pin pattern.

If you can't find the fabric at the local store; let me know, and we will make sure you can join in the fun.

As you make your projects, Please post them for all to see - Showing and Sharing is what the Sisterhood is all about! If anybody needs samples of the fabric just email me and ask: