Friday, July 23, 2010

What a fun trip: Alaska Quilt Camp at Sea!

About 60 quilters joined the Sisterhood of Quilters Alaska Quilt Camp at Sea. The ladies were from across the US and several from Canada.

At the first gathering of the group, I officially made each attendee a Member of the Sisterhood of Quilters, presenting them with Membership Cards and Certificates. The only qualification was to "pledge and promise to create handmade items with a joy-filled heart." All became enthusiastic members! It was for fun and to honor our coming together as quilters and soon to be friends.

The cruise was a great mix of classes, new sewing tools and techniques, and sight-seeing in awesome Alaska. The week went by very quickly and many signed up to join the Alaska 2011 cruise as well as Mexico 2012 with Quilt Camp at Sea, both of which I have been invited to be the Special Guest on board! Read more about these cruises in my previous blog posting.

I am designing a new fabric collection that will be available for fun, sun, and cruise projects. Keep watching. I'll be posting a sneak peek, very soon.