Thursday, March 19, 2015

Two NEW Booklets Featuring Patterns Using Jody's Art Panels

We have 2 new booklets featuring patterns using Jody's Art panels on Published by Annie's Quilts and beautifully presented, they give the quilter great ideas for gifts and home decor:

Quilting With Art Panels 1: Jody's Ladies
This booklet features 4 patterns using Jody's Faith, Hope & Charity 6" x 12" and 10" x 10" collections. Mix and match the panels to express your own creative flair!

Quilting With Art Panels 2: Jody's Sentiments
This booklet features 4 patterns featuring Jody's 6" x 12," 10" x 12," and 10" x 18" panels. Mix and match the artwork for your own home decor or gifts.

Visit Annie's Crafts for more of Jody's art panels, booklets, and patterns. There is wholesale availability for "Quilting With Art Panels 1: Jody's Ladies" #889052, and "Quilting With Art Panels 2: Jody's Sentiments" #889053.