Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Welcome to the Sisterhood Newsletter! My intention for this blog is to keep you informed of all the exciting development of new ideas, fabric collection, plans and projects for The Sisterhood of Quilters. The creation of a framework for quilters to gather together and share their time and talents. Show & Tell their own sewing projects and share their joint-efforts by supporting heart-felt needs in their own neighborhoods, churches, and communities. When we give a gift made by hand, the love that goes into that project is felt by the receiver. The motto is: BBB - Be a Bigger Blessing!

My whimsical, wise ladies, Faith, Hope, and Charity are your founding members of this "gathering framework". I have called it a "membership" for the simple reason that a membership is an expression that we believe and support the same principles ~ acts of kindness, generosity of spirit, what we give we receive, and wish to express these characteristics through quilting projects. These actions contribute to the greater good of our world - in our own hearts, in others, and it makes the world a better place to shine a brighter light.

Start your own "chapter" of the Sisterhood of Quilters. Name it "The Sisterhood of Quilters _________Chapter". Make up your own chapter names. I have Membership Certificates for you to download to make it official. You can check out for more details and official attire like the Membership T-shirts. Ask your local quilt shop owners if they would like to host your Sisterhood Chapter, or Quilting Church group, you're creative - you'll know what is best for your group.

Take care of yourselves first. It was actually Dr. Phil who reminded us, "You can't give away what you don't have", or the airlines instructing us to put on our own oxygen masks first before we can help others. The gathering of like-minded women is one of the best ways to get inspired, be stronger and more joy-filled in our own hearts and minds. Gather your girlfriends and talk about it, then post your plans and ideas here on the blog. We will all look forward to an exciting adventure and uplifting stories.

It's all about BBB ~ Be A Bigger Blessing! Quilting Sister FAITH has appointed herself as V.P. of Projects. She believes in all projects seen and not seen, Faith can visualize great things! Quilting Sister HOPE has appointed herself as V.P. of Perseverance. She will hang in there until the job is done. Hope always sees the brighter side of life. Sister Hope is perfect for the call of perseverance. Quilting Sister CHARITY has appointed herself as V.P. of Heart-felt Service. Charity carries the heart and soul of every project. We simply couldn't survive without Charity's abiding love.

OK, it's your turn now. Let me know if you have questions, if I don't have the answers I know our Founders (or Board of Directors - give yourselves an empowering title too) FAITH, HOPE, or CHARITY will have all the answers we need.

Joy In Your Day,



  1. Miss lovely it is to see the new blog! Your lovely ladies will be adorable in the new fabrics! Keep us informed as to the new "sisterhood" quilting goups & the news from the International Quilt Show in the fall.
    Another "sister"...

  2. Thanks Sister Joan...Yes, The fabrics will be shown by Northcott Silk Inc. (check out their link in "Partners & Favorites) at the International Quilt Market in Houston in October. I'll add that link to the "P&F" list as well. For those of you who have quilt shops and quilting businesses I'm sure you are aware of this HUGE show. For those of you in the area who do not have businesses but LOVE quilting, then the Quilt Festival is for you! The same Quilt Market link will tell you all you need to know to check out the latest in Quilting Wonders! I'll keep you posted as we get closer to show-time and all the new gifts and patterns that will be available. I'll post some pictures of the May event that was held in Portland from the same organization. My long-time artist/crafting sisters had a great time helping me in my booth and seeking out great new products and ideas. I'll start a label just for the Quilt Market. Thanks for your comments Joan!

  3. oh I just found your site and it is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing and trust that I will be back soon and bring friends with me.