Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cell Phone Bags Are Here!

Mattie Rhoades of Quiltsmart® and I met as quilt show booth neighbors several years ago. I loved her printed interfacing and quickly saw how fun it was to make complex projects very easily.

I am proud and pleased to include Quiltsmart® products at www.sisterhoodofquilters.com and I have created several Cell Phone Bag kits that are available now. Pictured at right is my Earth Blessings Patchwork Cell Phone Bag. It's quick and fun to make. The Quiltsmart® Cell Phone Kit is included for supplies and instruction, along with Earth Blessings Patchwork fabric.

Be sure to check out my other designs. More will be coming soon!

*As of 2/13/11, Quiltsmart® products have sold out and will not be reordered.

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