Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quilt Camp at Sea Alaska 2011 cruise

The weather was great and the seas were calm on the Quilt Camp at Sea Alaska 2011 cruise that took place last week. The time spent in Glacier Bay is always the most inspirational for me. It is quiet and serene as the ship slowly enters the waters of the glaciers. It is awesome and grand. The first photo is of Margerie Glacier. The mix of colors from white-white to aqua is beautiful and the way the light between and around the ice pillars shades and highlights nature's artwork is just amazing.

This second picture is Patti Carey (right) and I on the back deck of the ship in Glacier Bay. Patti is Northcott Fabrics' Marketing Director. She has a great blog about her own designs, patterns, and events.

Patti and I have enjoyed taking our professional relationship to a girlfriend relationship of sharing our joy of family and quilt and fabric designs. I got points for helping her with a technical quilt design software issue, and she got points for guiding me back to our room, as I apparently lost my sense of direction on the ship! We had lots of fun and good giggles.

More to come.

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