Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lecture and Totebag Workshop Opportunity!

I've discovered how much I enjoy giving workshops and lectures. 

Oregon's Umpqua Valley Quilt Guild was a great example (photo shown here). My lecture was entitled "How Artwork Becomes Fabric," and I gave a workshop on how to make my totebag design with art panel pockets.

We had so much fun, and everyone took home a finished totebag! My unique process and special 3-D leaves gives the bag an "artsy" look (Yet is very easy). 

I received comments like, "This was the best lecture we have ever had!" Wow, what a statement! The ladies were GREAT. We definitely expanded the Sisterhood of Quilters that day! 

Contact me at jodyhoughton@msn.com for details on scheduling your guild for a lecture and/or workshop.

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